April 25th, 1886 April 8th, 2012

1956 – April 1st (full story)


After an all night photo session with Irving Klaw, Larry and Penelopy wandered down the street in the early NYC morning to get a cup of coffee. Irving’s friend, John Willie, who had just arrived from the UK, was tagging along. He was still adjusting from the time difference, so the bold taste of coffee felt good against his lips. 

Larry sighed, his long gaze looming over the dimly lit street. Penelopy glanced over at him and raised an eyebrow suspiciously. 

“What’s got you down, sugar?” she purred at Larry. He blinked a few times to clear his mind and turned to his lovely blue eyed, raven-haired lady friend.

“I want more.” Larry stated, a slight lust in his voice. “There has to be a way we can take it further, be more bold and sexual.” Penelopy nodded in agreement. 

“You know love, there’s a fellow by the name of Charles Renslow that could help you with your intrepid desires.” She offered.

“In Chicago?” Larry asked, intrigued.
“I’ve heard of him.” John Willie finally chipped in. “Mr. Klaw mentions him frequently.” Larry turned his gaze to their new acquaintance. John was a slender man with wispy brown hair and an aged, smooth model chin. His lean frame captured Larry’s attention. He yearned to have the man submit to him, beneath his sturdy leather boots.
“Continue.” Larry softly commanded, toying with him. John Willie sensed the playful sternness in his voice and unconsciously bowed his head, meeting Larry’s gaze with only his eyes, tauntingly.
“He’s making quite the stir with male photography.”  John breathed. Larry was thrilled. Perhaps this was his opportunity to explore his urges, his desires. Penelopy’s eyes lit up. “Larry dear, why not take a trip there?  I would love to see if the new Magazine Playboy can use someone like me and meet the publisher some guy by the name of Hugh Heffner. I hear he’s looking for open minded models, like myself.” She grinned.
“That sounds wonderful. It’s time to start a new era, Miss Penelopy. And I believe we’re just the ones to do it!” Larry exclaimed. He looked down at John with a smirk. “Would you like to come with us?”
“I appreciate the invitation, but I’ve only just arrived Sir. I have an obligation to Mr. Klaw. We’re shooting with his favorite client, Miss Betty Page, later tonight.” John Willie stated.
“Very well.” Larry said, slightly disappointed. He looked at Penelopy and smiled.  “When shall we leave?” Penelopy grinned in return. “As soon as possible. Chicago is waiting!”   





April 25th, 1886 April 8th, 2012