Friday April 6th 2012
Two PRE Fetish Ball events this year

We strongly suggest you do the whole weekend.
When the Monday Sun finally rises, you will have enjoyed yourself and experienced so much the smile and feelings of joy will not pass for a long time.
Start your spring off right, give your life a new beginning and a fresh look.

The future is an amazing place.

Ethereal 9

Ethereal 9 – Louder Space

SA Crossing – Dungeon Party

The informaiton is right here for the two Pre – Fetish Ball Events, pick the event that picks you .. OR .. do both, why be picky?   :)

Ethereal 9 – Welcome to Louder Space – a Pre Fetish Ball Event

Groove Mafia Productions and JUST Don't Stop come together for the latest incarnation of Louder Space!

We feature Djs from all over the US spinning the best electronic music all night under a Texas sky and a full moon.

The location has been released!

Texas Riverbed Amphitheater
211 Uecker Lane
Spring Branch, TX 78070

It's on the West side of 281 just North of the Guadelupe River. From San Antonio, it's right after this bridge on the left.  From Austin, if you find yourself at the Guadelupe River and going under this bridge, turn around.  Otherwise, you are headed for San Antonio…

Click here for a map.

If you've already attended this party in the past, you know there's more to come!!!!


DJs from all over the US

Joel Patrick
Heff Ra
Edgar Malvido
Enrique Cortazar
DJ Minxx
Krucial D
Sean Shock
Jennifer Phamstar
Danimal Sky
Dj SaiNe-ODJ
DJ Habitat


((((((((((( UNICORN BONDAGE)))))))))))))))


Facebook Event Page Here

SA CROSSING – Dungeon Party April 6, 2012 – a Pre Fetish Ball Event

The Dungeon Party
You really don't want to miss this…

SA Crossing
4101 Swan's Landing
San Antonio, Texas  78217

Here is a map that works

Use it and be there – Friday Night

SA Crossing


SA Crossing – A Center for Alternative Lifestyles

We provide a location for adults interested in alternative lifestyles and spirituality.
We have a unique 3500 square foot facility. Call us if you are looking for a space to meet.

SA Crossing is designed to be a safe place both for people that are experienced and for those that are new and curious.
SAC exists to be a resource and a source of support for groups or individuals involved in, or interested in, a multitude of lifestyle pursuits.  We respect all sexual orientations, gender presentations, consensual ages, and individual kinks. There is room for all areas of sensual, sexual and spiritual interest. A partial list would include BDSM, Fetishes, Non-traditional Sexual Relationships, Spirituality and Sexuality.

The SAC hopes to help promote awareness and enhanced communication between each and all of these groups.  We are happy to support the success and welfare of individuals and organizations within our combined community. We particularly want to protect free thinking people against threats to our freedom of expression and WIITWD .

We will not discriminate based on age, sexual preference, gender, race, or any other of the diverse differences that we all have. By age. of course, we refer to an adult. We respect all and expect you to do so as well.   That said, we do not tolerate drama and disrespect.  Details are on the website.

SAC is a Private Party.

Go to for a calender of events  Please visit for more info.

"Hate from your ignorance will not remove love from our dungeon"