April 3rd, 1768 April 1st, 1956

1886 – April 25th (full story)


Just 3 years after finally finishing Legacy of Cain, Leopold von Masoch found himself enjoying the company of Mistress Victoria, a girl much younger than he, and a demanding woman even at that tender of an age. 

Vicky had just returned to Austria after spending the last few months in London. She had spent time traveling around to further her own interests and desires of being a women in control and found herself moving through the  intellectual circles of Europe. While in London she spent her time in South Kensington in the intellectual circles at gatherings, parlors and pubs. She often found herself in debate with the men there, one of note was a young H.G. Wells that attempted to woo her by agreeing with her view about women being equal, and Vicky was always happy to point out that her view was not equal, "equal" was not good enough. Well's was unsuccessful in capturing her heart but the gifts she gave him before departing were to be long lasting in his life. 

Leopold was contact by her as she wanted to see if he really was about what he wrote, and when he agreed for a meeting she was eager to return to Austria and initiate a first engagement.

"So, like you Leopold, this young Wells understood that the congress between two who have consented cannot be constrained by the outer trappings of the society within which they find themselves."

With his eyes downcast, Masoch replied, "He must be most wise to have so impressed you, Mistress."

With a sneer, Mistress Vitoria said, "Not so very wise, after all… He believed that a woman should be the equal of a man, as if any woman should be diminished so. Naturally, I punished him for saying something so deeply in error…"

"How lucky he was he was, to have you to set him straight. And how lucky am…" Masoch said with a deep bow.

"And I suppose, you want to be corrected as well? I've read all that you have written, and while you seem to be largely on the correct path, indeed, while you have even inspired something in me; it appears that you love your own opinions overmuch. Perhaps a bit of correction would cure you of that."

With that, Mistress Victoria produced a whip and demanded that Masoch place his palms against the wall. When he asked if he could remove his shirt first, she treated him to a backhanded slap and roared, "Little man, that shirt is the least of what you will pay for failing to comply when I give you a command!"

In minutes, Masoch's shirt was in bloody tatters and he had gone from moans to screams and back again. Mistress Victoria kept at it until her arm grew weary and then bade her conquest to come massage her shoulder. 

"Would that all men have some idea or their proper place, as you do, my little Masoch…"

"Would that all men had such a teacher as you to correct them, Mistress. For should I stray, I know I'll not stray far before I am reined back in."

With a commanding tone, Victoria, demanded, "And what is your proper place?"

With his eyes down, Leopold whispered, "Where you tell me it is, Mistress. To do what pleases you and to serve you or serve other at your direction, for your enjoyment."

Vicky asked: "And what of your enjoyment? And your will?"

Leopold reverently replied: "My will is to your pleasure, Mistress, my joy in bringing you joy and being corrected when I falter."

Smiling, Mistress Victoria purred, "Well said, little Masoch.  As a reward, you may search my secret garden for something sweet."

Masoch returned to his knees, where he had always felt he belonged..

Mistress Vicky Victoria had found yet another cure for Female Hysteria although I am not sure this method would have been condoned by any of the doctors of this time well not openly.







April 3rd, 1768 April 1st, 1956