April 1st, 1956 April 10th, 2107

2012 – April 8th (full story)

Stacey was done. After an amazing evening, Stacy and Eddie were outside Club Korova, talking and watching as all the sexy people walked by. The evenings event had just let out and Stacey was ready to hit the after-party. Her thirst was barely quenched.

Eddie sat on the bridge overlooking the river and sighed. He couldn't believe what his Stacey, his newly found soul mate had done tonight. He was an open minded man, but his sweet, innocent Stacey showed a side he had never seen. Eddie stared into the water as flashes of the night flew through his mind. Stacey, with Miss Lexa Lusty, deviously "flogging" a poor man who had done nothing to deserve it. The man's groans sounded more of pleasure than pain, which made Eddie shift around nervously. Next, Miss Lillith Grey had his Stacey tied into a human chandelier of some sort, hitting her with a flogger Stacy had bought earlier from the vendors and electrocuting her with some kind of globe thing. Stacey even had her breasts painted in latex so she could walk around topless. Eddie quivered at the thought of his girl being exposed to all.

"Eddie! Are you ready to go? I've been invited to go with Lexa and Lillith to their place. Can you believe it!" Stacey's voice broke apart his confused thoughts. She slipped behind him, wrapping her hand around his throat and pulled him close for a small slap to the cheek and a quick kiss. Eddie pushed her away, obviously bothered.

"Stacey, what has gotten into you?" Eddie questioned. "Why can't we go home and enjoy the rest of the night, together in each other’s arms?

Stacey maliciously laughed at his frailty.

"Oh Eddie, didn't you enjoy tonight at all? My skin is still on fire from Lillith Grey, and Lexa has my heart beating so fast from the feel of dominance she showed me. Plus, the sexy host Dana De Armond has me thinking about the porn industry. Maybe I could go to L.A. sometime and explore my options." Stacy trailed off, daydreaming of her potential sexy future. She shook her head and looked Eddie in the eyes. "I can't stop now, I need more!"

Eddie had tears in his eyes. "I'll guess I'll catch up with–"

He didn't get a chance to finish. Stacey was already headed toward an open car door, determined to finish her night, perhaps her new life, without anything holding her back

April 1st, 1956 April 10th, 2107