Riot City Hell Katz & The leading girls from EBM Dollz


Deep in the heart of RIOT CITY, there lies Macabre and Mayhem. Women that commit acts so unspeakable, that only the Devil himself could forgive them. Disorderly and inexcusably sexy, lawless and unforgettable. The Riot City Hell Katz will haunt your wildest dreams and terrorize your darkest nightmares. The streets are never safe and no one can stop them.

Riot City Hell Katz are an extremely professional and experienced collective of beautiful women located in Austin, Texas. Their abilities range from fire dancing, rock/punk/rockabiliy/metal go-go dancing, fetish performance, and pole dancing.

They have regular bi-weekly performance at HEADHUNTERS NIGHTCLUB every Tuesday and Friday nights.
Tuesday is TA TA TUESDAY night, which features the Riot City Hell Katz performing on the bar and throughout the club semi-topless. In addition, they have recently added FRIDAYS to spread the intense entertainment to another day of the week! Every night is a different theme.



Delivering exemplary gothic/industrial dancing and stage show performances in the greater Texas areas.


EBM Dollz is a gothic theatrical/shock/interactive dance based performance group. We are a high energy dance team comprised of extremley professional, experienced, and talented women. Their abilities range from anything including Burlesque, Go-Go, Cage dancing, Fetish performance, Fire Poi/Play/Breathing, and coordinated theatrical dance performances. We are sure to shock and entertain you.

We are the official Austin CyberPunks Dance Team.

You can always find us at Temple of Flesh Fetish Balls.

We also work for Nocturnity: Avant Gore ~ The Vampire Theartre (Austin, TX)


Acid Queen



Anjelica Sledge