SAAF San Antonio AIDS Foundation

San Antonio Fetish Ball
Saturday, April 7th, 2012 – 8pm to 2am
The Korova 107 E Martin

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An evening's adventure through time, come join us and your new friends as we all experience influences of fetish from 1768 into the future.

Hosted by the Internet's Girlfriend: Dana DeArmond

First public appearance by Synn Evans, International Ms Leather 2012 (IMsL)

Dana DeArmond

Gen Padova

Lillith Grey

Lexa Lusty

Dana DeArmond (Your HOST) Gen Padova Lillith Grey Lexa Lusty


Jericho Edge

Mr. Saturday & Sixpence

Acid Queen

Jericho Edge (Your MC) Mr Saturday & Sixpence Acid Queen


We have included a few fun little stories about fetish over the years for your enjoyment.

1768 – April 3rd

The  Marquis de Sade, bored with the required attendance forced upon him for this weekend, sought other entertainment in mid afternoon. He took the ride into Paris from his chateau just outside of town and instructed the driver to head to an area of Paris that…
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1886 – April 25th

Just 3 years after finally finishing Legacy of Cain Leopold von Masoch found himself enjoying the company of Mistress Victoria – a girl much younger than he, and a demanding woman even at that lusciously tender an age…
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1956 – April 1st

After an all night photo session with Irving Klaw, Larry and Penelopy wandered down the street in the early NYC morning to get a cup of coffee. Irvings friend, John Willie  had just arrived from the UK and was tagging along. He was still adjusting to the time difference…
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2012 – April 8th

Stacey was done. After an amazing evening, Stacey and Eddie were outside Club Korova talking and watching as all the sexxxy people walked past.  The evenings event had just let out. It was 2am…
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2107 – April 10

Freddy was fed up. He had just arrived back to his place after six days of hard work. To his delight, the item he had ordered and waited on for over 3 years had arrived. On the package in large letters was "FLIRTY"…
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"The past has been written, the future is unknown, the present is here for you to explore and make your own"
- Stefan Von Tofenberg